About Us for London Electrix

We started operation in April 2019 with a team of specialists having years of experience in electrical works to provide only the best service for residential and commercial buildings in and around London. With a team of experts like we have, you would trust that our work is professional, well-structured, and reliable. Guess what? You’re not wrong! We are a London based company offering electrical services, including electrical fittings and certificates. To make things more beautiful, we are an NICEIC approved contractor with a mission to satisfy customers both new and existing.

Why you need us?

Highly reputed

Every home and business owner out there, including you, desire the best of electrical services and may only go for a provider that offers it. That is where we come in. Our level of expertise and experience is the one sure ingredient to make you enjoy the benefits of having an electrical system that works. We are well known for using only NICEIC approved electricians combined with standard technology that meets industry best practices. In addition, our expert knowledge is duly updated to reflect current trends in electrical works. This is one reason why we stand tall among competition.

Value and experience

More than that, the experience we put into every job no matter the size makes it a wonder how we do what we do. This is because only the best hands work at London Electrix. We dare to say we are very good at our craft which is why customers keep patronising us. News about our experience is boldly written on every project we handle, and our clients have not been quiet too; happily telling others how much satisfaction they get from our services. You can trust and rely on our ability to deliver excellent electrical services, be it minor or major. Need a local expert electrician? Get in touch with us now.


Everything we do and will ever do revolves around our clients. From fitting a new wall socket to revamping an old electrical system, we place so much value in rendering quality services that will make customers happy. What else? Anytime you need us, we will be there to provide technical solutions to your electrical issues. It is easy to reach us as our phone lines are open, and we have a standby team of electrical experts ready to come over and get your job done within the hour.


It might interest you to know that what we quote is what we take; nothing more, nothing less. It is our practice to be transparent in all the services we provide. This means there are no hidden charges!

Safe services

Safety is key in electrical work, and that’s exactly what we provide from start to finish. Each electrical connection is safely secured be it replacement, repair or maintenance service. Instructions on how to use electrical appliances, especially newly installed ones are provided by our team to keep you and your household safe.