Emergency Electrician in London

Making sure your property stays out of harm’s way is what we do best at London Electrix. Manned by a smart team of qualified electricians providing an exceptional myriad of electrical services which cuts across homes and business properties, we are out to take care of emergencies whenever they occur.

Should you be having a blown out fuse, problems with power source, or any other electrical issue, we are just one call away. You will find us ready and available 24/7 to provide help at a competitive rate.

We cover a large part of London providing emergency electrical services like:

  • Diagnostic electrical work
  • Fixing of dysfunctional circuit
  • Repair of underfloor heating system
  • Installation of security lights
  • Electric water heater repair
  • Repair of storage heater
  • Rewiring of house
  • Fitting of dimmer switches and light switches
  • Testing and inspection of sockets and switches
  • Testing and replacement of fuse box
electrician repairing electrical box
electrical box

Home and office electrical emergency

Just like we said before, our experts service residential and commercial buildings when it comes to electrical works. Knowing how bad it can be to have a tripping circuit at midnight, we are poised to fix it and any other electrical hazards you may have during call outs.

Among other works, we can perform a wide range of domestic and office repairs, replacement, or even maintenance work including rewires, additional sockets, rerouting of electrical wires, and much more. Should you need a PAT testing certificate, we can provide that as well. Do you have a heater that is faulty? Phone us and our specialist engineers will be at your doorstep in no time.

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Round-the-clock electrical works

To keep your electricity-based appliances and connections working smoothly for every day function, we run a 24-hour emergency service you can call to help you fix problems.

As concerned as we are about your safety and welfare, quackery and ill-preparedness is highly discouraged, which is why we deliver only quality services to all our customers.

Should you have any kind of electrical hazard at home, we can fix it on time. New installations and urgent electrical faults can be fixed professionally. Lean on our fine electricians for effective and durable services.

What is the need for being good at a job yet people cannot reach you? We are not that kind of electrical company! At any time you need us for emergency electrical works, you will always find us.

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electrician repairing electrical box

See our difference

London Electrix is a top choice in electrical emergencies; providing bespoke solutions for all kinds of faults that may happen in the day or at night.

The following qualifications puts us at the fore:

  • Professional workmanship
  • Excellent customer relationship
  • High-level experience and finesse in electrical works
  • Provision of very good and quality services for all customers
  • Valuable reputation that has been maintained via high-quality service delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Timely electrical emergency services
  • Quarantee on every job done be it domestic or commercial

Our services cover a great area in London to reach as much people as possible. For every job we do, so much expertise is put in to make the most out of it. From impressive electrical installations to quick fixes that are effective, we do our best all the time.

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The procedure for getting emergency electrical work

These 4 simple steps explains how you can get help for electrical emergencies either in your home or office:

Customer enquiry

For every call that we receive, our experts will find out exactly what the electrical problem is.

Extensive assessment

The enquiry will be evaluated and the urgency investigated in accordance with the situation at hand. It is through this that we know if you require a certain kind of electrician. It could be an engineer for home, office, or emergency works.

Send help

When the problem you called about has been carefully and thoroughly checked out, the right emergency electrician is dispatched to you.

Problem fixed

As experts who knows how to get the job done, we will fix your emergency such that it doesn’t repeat anymore

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electrician repairing electrical box

Our 24/7 electrical service

Be it an emergency or a non-urgent electrical fix, upgrade, or maintenance, at London Electrix, you will get the electrician you can trust for optimum results and money-value.

In addition, we provide:

  • In-house and outside home lighting installation including dimmers, security lighting, etc
  • Testing and fixing of emergency electrical faults on appliances, fittings, and others on time
  • Rewiring of old and new buildings be it an upgrade or replacement
  • Installation of new electrical fixtures and fittings like sockets, switches, and many more in a safe and convenient manner.

If you are having any form of electrical emergency, please don’t keep silent. It can cause more harm if neglected. Report any case you notice to us at London Electrix. We won’t hesitate to come quickly and help.

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