Tripping Circuits Repair

Circuit breakers are present in every home. They are there for your safety, even though you may not see it. They are termed circuit breakers because they break or shut off potentially dangerous electric circuits like faulty connections, overload or short circuits. Sadly, there are times when circuits can trip off for no apparent reason. When such happens, who do you call for help?

London Electrix is only one call away for your tripping circuits repair. Not only do we repair your circuits when they trip off, but we also discover and tell you why it happened in the first place.

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Circuits Repair
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Unforeseen circuit troubles

Sometimes, circuits trip off for no reason. Normally, they are meant to do so only when there is a problem somewhere like an overload, a wrong or faulty connection. When circuits trip off, they are supposed to warn you of an electrical danger somewhere. What happens when you can’t find any problem? Or worse, you don’t know where to look? When this happens, all you can do is call for help as soon as possible.

London Electrix offers repairs to your circuit breaking faults or tripping circuits. Call us at any time.

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Likely causes of tripping circuits

The common causes of tripping circuits include the following
  • Loose connection
  • Leakage of current
  • Faulty wire
  • Faulty appliances
  • Improper connection and
  • Overload

Know that one or more of the factors mentioned above can also be the cause of a tripping circuit. However, leaving the problem unattended to can be very disastrous to residents of that home, or in the case of a workplace, workers in that location. As much as possible, resist the urge to carry out a DIY and attempt to fix the problem. Call for professional electrical help immediately.

When you reach out to us for help, we evaluate to find out the possible cause or source of the tripping circuit. Afterwards, we discuss with the client on the charge and costs of the repairs. Once that has been resolved, we get to work in correcting the problem. If replacement needs to be done, we will be sure to carry out that as well.

Know when to call for tripping circuit repair

In residential homes or even commercial places, people may be at a loss on what to call an electrical emergency or when to call for electrical help. Certain electrical signs may be dismissed as not so serious, leading to more serious problems in the future.

In cases of tripping circuits, taking note of signs early enough will prevent the buildup of more problems or more expenses due to damages. Subtle signs like the breaker tripping off when a little load is barred is a clear sign of tripping circuit. Also, if you notice the circuit tripping off when an appliance is plugged in, it means you have an overload. These and anything else out of the ordinary should make you call us at London Electrix for inspection. If there is need to have anything replaced, or there is a need to connect heavy-duty appliances to control current, we will do so for you.

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Replacement And Repair

Whatever the reasons are for tripping circuits, our experts will look into them and get the problem fixed. At some point, however, your circuit breakers would have to be repaired or completely replaced. When it comes to that, our electricians have been licensed to carry out repairs and replacements of circuit breakers.

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Why You Should Call Us

Getting a tripping circuit repaired or replaced is no easy task, and is most definitely not a job for someone who is not qualified for it. On that note, you need the experience, expertise and efficiency we provide. At London Electrix, all of our electricians have been effectively trained to carry out repairs and replacement of tripping circuits and carry out several other electrical services. Besides that, our services include the following

  • 24 hours customer service
  • Trouble-free service at friendly charges
  • Inspection
  • No extra charges

When you get in touch with us today for your tripping circuit repairs and replacements, you can rest assured that we will respond to you on the same day. Give us a call today, and we will be on our way to fix that tripping circuit fault in your home or office.

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