EV Charger Installation

In recent years, technology has really skyrocketed in several beneficial dimensions. One of the most beneficial technological advancements to date is the production of EVs and hybrid vehicles. The fact that they are affordable and popular is one of the reasons why several people choose to own them; however, one major concern is the charging points. This factor alone has led to the discouragement of people purchasing an EV for themselves.

To begin with, EV stands for Electric Vehicle. By Electric Vehicles, we mean any vehicle that works from an electric motor, whether it is partially or completely, like plug-in hybrids, purely electric motors and any other vehicle that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. With guaranteed charging points, the benefits of these EVs are fully maximised. However, not just anyone can install a charger point for an EV.

electrician repairing EV Charger

Do I need a professional to install an EV charger?

Yes, you do, and at London Electrix, we offer professional EV car charger installation. Here, we have been approved by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to carry out the installation of EV car chargers at locations of the client. Only a few electricians have been approved by OLEV for this specialised service, and being one of those few, we deliver the best installation service out there.

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Where can I have my EV car charger installed?

You can have your EV car charger installed exactly where you want it. Yes, you heard right. You can have your charger installed for you in the garage of your private residential area or your workplace. Wherever it is that you choose, we will be ready to take your call. Have you thought of getting an EV, but you’re held back because of a charging point? Not to worry anymore. Let us make your dream of owning an EV car a reality today. Call us now.

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What kinds of EV car chargers do you install?

There are 110v sockets, and there are 240v sockets. The lower 110v sockets mean they can be charged right at home, and these sockets can charge most EV cars and hybrids, however, they take longer time than the 240v, irrespective of the car model or brand.

When you contact us at London Electrix, we can get a 240v socket installed for you at your desired spot.

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electrician repairing EV charger

EV charger installation process

Before EV chargers are installed, there needs to be an approval or grant, first from the government, and then from the OLEV. You do not have to do any of this yourself, as we will go through the whole process ourselves. After the government has approved the grant, our approval from OLEV will help us get our grant directly from the OLEV. The entire process does not take much time, as you will have your charger installed in no distant time.

When all grants and approval has been sorted out, we carry out a survey of your desired location for the charger. Having an EV Charger installed in your home indicates personal use; however, installation of an EV charger in a commercial place may or may not be limited to just your use. Cost of installation or service charges are usually agreed upon before grants are requested for from the government and OLEV.

In summary, when the installation is complete, we will ensure that you are updated on how to use it appropriately. Be rest assured that we would be available to respond to any further questions or enquiries you may have after installation.

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Need professional installation service? Call us

We at London Electrix are certainly not the only electrical company out there that can handle EV car charger installation. However, we are undisputedly one of the best. Do you need a reason to call us today? Here are a couple of reasons why we are your best choice for EV charger installation :

  • We are OLEV approved electricians
  • We install 240v chargers at domestic and commercial areas
  • We have numerous qualified and experienced electricians capable of doing the work
  • Our top-notch customer service is still available to our customers even after the installation has been completed
  • We prioritise the safety of our electricians and customers and the efficiency of our work during installation
  • We are dedicated
  • We offer unbeatable rates for our services
  • We do not offer hidden or extra charges, even after installation

The increase in numbers of EV car owners has simultaneously called for the increase in demand for EV car charger points. Get in touch with us today at London Electrix to have your EV car charger installed and set up for you.

You can reach us by calling us or sending a mail today at info@londonelectrix.co.uk. Our efficient customer service will always be available to take your call.

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