EICR Report: What It Means

EICR is the short form of an electrical installation conditions report. It’s a report issued after an electrical inspection has been carried out on a building. A satisfactory EICR report suggests that the conditions of the electrical components in your home complies with the safety standard. The inspection is carried out by an electrical expert or a contractor approved by NICEIC. You can bank on London Electrix to carry out a comprehensive inspection for both household and commercial property.

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Who Should Carry Out EICR Test

EICR tests are periodic inspections. It’s carried out once in every 5 or 10 years, depending on if it’s a commercial or residential property. All installations must comply with NICEIC or EPA standards to get a positive result.

For commercial properties, especially those with frequent change in tenancy, periodic inspection should be done once in every five years. But there are cases where it should be done earlier. This happens where sensitive installations have been made, especially in places such as restaurants, hotels, and manufacturing industries. For hotels and restaurants, inspection ought to be done yearly while in rented apartments, once in 5 years would do.

London Electrix has an entire team of experts reserved for inspection work. You can book an appointment for us to schedule when the inspection will be done.

Conducting EICR Test Before Buying A New Property

Whether you’re contemplating buying a house for rental or accommodation, it’s wise to carry out EICR inspection if the seller hasn’t done so for a while. This ensures that the installation is in line with industry standards and free from faults that could pose any form of danger.

Requesting for EICR reports before a purchase is becoming a popular practice among prospective home buyers. In fact, it has become a requirement during home surveys. Most of the buyers that carried out these inspections went on to discover faults that sellers weren’t aware of – something that would have cost them a lot of expenses in the long run.

It’s better to discover these faults at the initial stage than later. This is because even the smallest of repairs could cost an average of £2,000, whereas an EICR report costs only half of that.

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What Components Will Be Checked During An EICR Report

When you hire us to carry out EICR inspection on your property, the professional that will undertake this assignment ought to ensure all electrical installation and repair comply with the safety standards.

Most EICR test takes into account the state of vital components such as the switch changer. In cases where a property is using outdated equipment such as a wooden fuse box or cast-iron switches, it will need to be replaced. The same applies to sockets and fittings that aren’t properly installed.

The type of wiring system used will be thoroughly examined. Illegal connections that might likely result to spark or fire outbreaks in the future will be fished out. Having a lot of outdated components will result in negative feedback, the same way any wear and tear won’t go unnoticed

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Is It Possible To Fail An EICR Inspection?

The goal is to get a satisfactory report at the end of this inspection. However, if most of your installations were not properly fitted or past the recommended usability period, you will most likely get a report that detail a lot of negatives than positives. In this case, you might likely fail the test.

At the end of every report, you will be issued a grade. The code for the unsatisfactory report includes C1, C2, C3, and F1. C1 suggests danger and poses a likely risk of injury to the occupants. C2 and C3 suggest that further improvement needs to be done. F1 means that further investigation needs to be carried out, and only after completion will you be issued a “satisfactory” report.

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EICR Inspection

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of getting an EICR report doesn’t amount to the quotation you get for some electrical repair work. This is to tell you that this will save you from a lot of recurring expenses in the long run. However, the amount you will be charged for this inspection varies from one contractor to another.

One contractor might charge you based on each item tested while the other charges are based on the entire fixture, not minding the numbers. Like giving you a fixed price for the entire circuit rather than charging per circuit.

EICR inspection doesn’t take long. For a three-bedroom apartment, it takes an average of 4 hours, but it could be longer for commercial properties.


£130 £75 Studio Flat
£150 £85 1 Bedroom
£160 £95 2 Bedroom
£170 £105 3 Bedroom
£180 £115 4 Bedroom

Booking An Appointment For EICR Inspection

An EICR inspection is a delicate exercise that requires the hands of knowledgeable and skilled experts. Only professionals licensed by the NICEIC are allowed to undertake this assignment, and London Electrix happens to be one of those.

We have a team of electricians technically licensed to carry out any level of inspection for both commercial and industrial buildings. Our inspection starts by fishing out visible damages such as loosed cables. This inspection can also help you determine if a full rewiring is needed for your property.

Never leave the safety of your household in the hands of an amateur. Call us to book an appointment for your EICR inspection, and we promise to do so at a competitive rate hard to find anywhere else.

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