Immersion Heater Repair And Installation

Heaters keep our homes warm during the cold days of winter. Although the central heating system present in almost every home is very common, new advancements in technology have seen to the introduction of electric heaters. These heaters can be controlled with our smartphones. There are various types and uses of electric heaters, one of such types of electric heater is the Immersion Heater. Have you thought about getting your electrical heater upgraded? Do you need an immersion heater installed in your home? Is your immersion heater faulty or damaged? If yes, then get in touch with us today at London Electrix. We offer one of the best installation and repair service in all of London.
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Immersion Heater: What Is It About?

An immersion heater is an electric heater that has been inserted into a hot water cylinder. Just like a kettle, the immersion heater functions by heating water through the help of an electrical resistance heater. Even when your boiler is damaged or not in use, your water can still get heated through the connection of the heater to the power supply. With an immersion heater, you can turn it off, thereby saving energy and money when you’re done heating. You can have immersion heaters installed in your homes or your offices or workplace. Simply call us today for our professional installation services. We at London Electrix are always ready to deliver the best.
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Who can get an immersion heater?

Everyone can get an Immersion heater. And this includes people who are on Economy 7 plan. Economy 7 plans are electrical plans that use cheaper off-peak rates. If you are one of the people who fall in this category, do not worry. You can still utilise the full benefits of an immersion heater by using them to heat your water overnight between the hours of 12am to 7am. This makes it possible for you to have hot water the next day without having to be charged for heating water during the day. Call us today and have an immersion heater installed in your home. Get a Quote 020 8904 5865

Possible problems that can arise

During the use of Immersion heaters, there are potential electrical problems that can arise either in the home or in the workplace. Some of the common problems that can arise include the following :
  • Loose connection
  • Improper connection
  • Damaged electrical parts
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty heating element
Having any of the above-mentioned problems or more requires immediate electrical help. Call us immediately for inspection and repairs. If there are any parts that require replacement, our experts at London Electrix will have it fixed in no time. Most times, people fear replacements because of its apparent cost. Fortunately, we at London Electrix can save you a lot of money by having the faulty parts repaired instead. Call us today for that repair. Get a Quote 020 8904 5865

24 Hours Electrical Service

We are available round the clock to answer to the electrical needs of our clients. Have you thought of having your faulty Immersion Heater repaired or replaced with a new one? Do you need the services of an expert electrician to install an immersion heater in your home or workplace? If yes, reach out to us today. Get a Quote 020 8904 5865
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Why do you need us?

Are you still unsure of what we do? Here are reasons why you should call us for repair and installation of your Immersion Heater;
  • 24 hours availability
  • Expert electrical service
  • Guaranteed success in delivery of service
  • Affordable charges and rates
  • Excellent customer service
For more information, enquiries and to book an appointment, send us an email at You can also give us a call for more information on our repair services. Get a Quote 020 8904 5865