Do you need a professional and expert domestic electrician in London?

Whether at home or work, the access to electricity must be free of danger. At London Electrix, we understand the consequences of improper installation of electrical appliances or related wiring. This is why it is our primary aim to offer a vast range of electrical services, ranging from electrical installations to replacement service, as well as maintenance.

Our objective is to make sure that your home is perfectly insulated and free of electrical risks. We are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and experienced household electricians who have worked with countless homeowners all over London and its surrounding regions.

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Finding highly qualified household electricians in your area

Do you need fully qualified and experienced household electricians near you? Then you should give us a call right away! At London Electrix, our team of professionals consists of highly qualified electricians who are skilled at carrying out any electrical installation or fixing of all kinds of electrical issues without hassles.

Contact us today for top-quality electrical services that will protect your home from any electrical danger, and at the same time, keep your home warm.

Why you should hire professional household electricians today

As one of the top household electricians in London, our client base is continuously increasing, and this is as a result of the testimonials and referrals from our previous satisfied clients all over London and its environs!

  • Avoid complicating the whole issue: at first, your wiring may look like it’s no big deal. However, what most people don’t know is that the wiring is actually a part of a much complex interdependent network. This is the major reason you need to hire a domestic or household electrician. Otherwise, you may find yourself diving deeper into several circuits and systems you never knew existed, and this could eventually worsen the whole issue, leading to extra costs in repairs.
  • Troubleshooting: one primary advantage of hiring a professional household electrician is that he can quickly and easily detect the source of the problem and fix it with little or no stress.
  • Saves you time and money: do you know that embarking on a DIY electrical mission can result in mistakes that will cost you higher than the amount you’d have paid had you called an expert to come take a look and fix the electrical problem from the onset. Asides the financial consequences, you would have also wasted valuable time that could have been utilised for more productive endeavours.
  • Expertise and skills: without doubts, this is definitely a major reason to hire a qualified and professional domestic electrician like London Electrix. The knowledge and training we have is a guarantee that you will be satisfied after the work is done. Thus, before you hire any electric agency, conduct a background check to make sure their business has bonding, license and insurance.
  • Long-term safety: it is important to consider not only the present but also the long term. When you hire a professional household electrician, you can avoid haphazardly done electrical jobs that can pose significant electrical risks in your home, such as electric shocks, fires, and other hazards.
  • Safety during the job: everyone is aware of the danger that comes with working with electricity, especially if the issue is not handled with the appropriate caution and expertise. Hence, to prevent any undesirable casualty, do not hesitate to call a professional domestic electrician if you find yourself uncertain of what to do.
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What household services do we offer?

There are a plethora of different services for our domestic clients to enjoy in London. The following are some of the household electrical services we provide at London Electrix:

  • Installation of emergency lighting
  • Fire alarms installation
  • Servicing, breakdown, upgrade, repair, and installation of hot water systems.
  • Ventilation works
  • Installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of storage heaters, boiler wiring, and electric showers.
  • Inspecting, certificating and reporting EICR.
  • Installation of outdoors and indoor lighting.
  • Installation, repairs and maintenance of central heating and cooling compartments.
  • Wiring, re-wiring and wiring extension in new and old buildings.
  • Upgrading earthing bonding and fuse board.
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What is the cost of our household electrical services?

At London Electrix, we employ a customer-centric approach, in addition to cost affordability for our quality services. Depending on the particular electrical needs of your home, we will be able to give you a cost-effective quote. One thing is for sure; you get absolute value for your money spent.

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Why choose London Electrix?

At London Electrix, we do not relent until our clients are fully satisfied. It is our primary objective to always meet the demands of our customers within the shortest possible time frame. This is the major reason why our clients love to come back to us for more quality services. Below are certain features that distinguish London Electrix from other electrical service providers:

  • Our precious customers enjoy swift services, in addition to competitive pricing.
  • Our expert electricians provide personalised solutions that are best suited for different types of clients.
  • We will always provide unmatched electrical expertise and service professionalism
  • We offer emergency services 24/7 all through the year and within the shortest delivery time.
  • Our team consists of highly experienced, qualified, and expert household electricians in London.
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