Lighting Repairs

Lighting systems are unmistakably one of the essential things to consider in every building, be it private, residential or commercial. When your lighting is in excellent condition, its benefit goes beyond illumination. They can also serve as indicators and securities.

At London Electrix, we provide all forms of lighting services, from partial wiring, complete or total wiring, to repairs, replacement, installation and maintenance. Give us a call today for repairs and installation of lighting in your homes and workplaces.

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Lighting Services

At London Electrix, we offer repairs and replacements of different types of lighting systems, including the following :

  • Incandescent lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Outdoor or external lighting
  • General residential lighting
  • Upgrade of all lighting
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What can go wrong with your lighting?

Certain signs can show us that there is something wrong with our lighting. From dim lights, flickering lights to lights not coming up when the switch is turned on, all these are signs that there is a problem with your lighting.

Cable failure

One of the most common causes of lighting problems is cable failure. In domestic properties, lighting cables run through loft areas and upper level floorboards. When there is a poor or a loose connection, the lighting is affected. Other times, the problem may not be as a result of a loose or bad connection; it could be the age of the connection. Old houses usually have their connections dating back years or decades. These wires have become understandably weak and may require partial or complete wiring.

Whether your house needs partial wiring that only includes replacement of cables except for the ones that run into wall sockets, or complete wiring, we at London Electrix will have your house wired, and your light restored to normalcy. Do contact us now!

Faulty light switches or bulb holders

In some cases, the problem is not the lighting cable. Instead, the problem may lie on something more simple like a faulty bulb holder or a faulty light switch. A loose connection to the light or fitting can cause lights to flicker, dim or go off completely when turned on. It is worse in the surrounding areas of the switch, and the connection of the light switch would have to be corrected.

Also, bulb holders can also make lights seem faulty or bad. When lights have been left on for so long, the bulb holder overheats, making the bulb holder case to become brittle. This can weaken the connection and affect the illumination of the light bulb. In such cases, the bulb holder would have to be replaced.

For all connection, repairs and replacements of all things related to lighting, London Electrix is your best bet. Get in touch with us today for the repairs of your faulty lightings.

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Why we are a preferred choice

At London Electrix, we have a team of experts in the electrical field. We will provide safe, effective and efficient lighting service and all other electrical services you may require. We are highly valued and respected by our customers for the following reasons :

  • We have a very hospitable and understanding customer service
  • Round the clock availability
  • We have a team of carefully handpicked professionals
  • We are very meticulous in carrying out our jobs
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Transparent pricing system with no hidden cost.

All these and more are reasons why we are held in such high regard by our customers. Give us a call today for our service.

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Contact the experts

Are you experiencing problems with your lighting? Do you need professionals for partial wiring or complete rewiring of your home or office? Do you need our electrical experts for a quick repair? If yes, then do not hesitate to send us an email at for enquiries, information and to book an appointment.

At London Electrix, we deliver nothing short of the best to our customers.

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