London Electrix Domestic Rewiring

At London Electrix, we provide complete and affordable electrical rewiring for your domestic or commercial property. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals that will carry out the electrical rewiring of your property in accordance with the standard regulations and safety guidelines to ensure that your wiring system is modern and long-lasting.

The complete rewiring will be done without interrupting any of your activities in your home or office.

Qualified And Professional Electricians

All electrical rewiring carried out by our experts are done to maintain high safety and quality standards.

Our electricians are NICEIC certified. This certification proves how qualified our electricians are because of the rigorous certification process they have undergone before getting an NICEIC certification.

Our electricians carry out all jobs in adherence to the most recent 17th edition wiring regulations. This ensures that your home is completely safe during and after the job.

electrician repairing EV Charger
electrician repairing EV Charger

Reducing Interruptions and Mess

In cases where possible, all rewiring activities are executed in batches to minimise interruptions to your business or your home. The process may be a bit messy at times, which is why we make use of modern equipment that can be connected to our vacuums in order to handle the dust that is being generated. This makes the job much more cleaner and reduces the mess it creates.

Are you in London and still looking for an electrical company to offer professional and affordable electrical services to suit your domestic needs? Worry no more! Give us a call today, and one of our expert electricians will be with you within the hour.

Frequently Asked Rewiring Questions

Do I need to rewire my house?

There is no direct answer to this question without the consultation of a professional electrician for the inspection of your house. At London Electrix, our electricians are available for electrical inspection of your property. Generally, it is recommended that a house should be rewired in an interval of 25 years.

Also, you should put a few things into consideration when evaluating whether your property needs to be rewired:

  • Are your lights working properly, or are they not even working at all?
  • Is the rubber protecting your electrical wires still in good condition?
  • Do you always have to replace your fuses?
  • Have you ever experienced any flood in your home?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, we advise that you contact us to schedule an electrical inspection. You can give us a call right away.

Why do I need to rewire my property?

  • Firstly, you should understand that one of the basic reasons for rewiring is to make your property safer.
  • To ensure your electrical outlets are updated. If your property is old, there may be a deficit of electrical outlets or they may be positioned improperly.
  • To carry out the installation of smart control systems and energy-efficient lighting during the rewiring process in order to save money in the long run.
  • To make sure that your electrical installation functions properly without persistent maintenance.

For how long has the wiring in my property been installed?

You may not be able to easily find out the answer to this because your electrical wiring is embedded inside the walls of your home. Nonetheless, you can still figure out how old your electrical wiring is through some ways;

  • Cables encased in black rubber were installed in the 1960s
  • Lead or fabric encased wire cables were installed before 1960.
  • Fuseboxes that have wooden backs, a combination of fuse boxes, or iron switches were installed before 1960.
  • Round light switches, rose, brown or black sockets and switches on boards were installed before 1960.
  • Light switches mounted on the wall of bathrooms were installed before the 1960s.
  • The presence of earth cables indicates that the electrical wiring was not installed before the early 1980s.

If you think your home has not been rewired for over twenty-five years, it is advisable that you rewire it. To be certain, you should schedule an electrical inspection for your property.

What should I do before the rewiring process begins?

Before the rewiring of your home commences, you should ensure some preparations are put in place. You’ll need first to decide the things that would be replaced, moved, or removed. You will also need to properly pack your belongings to ensure they are safe during the rewiring process.

Do I need a rewire if my home has been flooded?

If your home has ever been flooded, it is possible that your home’s electrical installation may have been affected and damaged. In this case, you will need to rewire at least some parts of the electrical installation.

If your home has been flooded before, you should schedule an electrical inspection.

Is it possible to carry out a partial rewire?

You can partially rewire your home or office property. However, you should clearly state the degree to which the rewiring will be carried out. In a lot of cases, it is unreasonable to partially rewire your property. You can find out if this is possible for your property by calling an electrician for an electrical inspection.

Why should I hire London Electrix for my electrical rewiring?

London Electrix is a reputable electrical company in London that consists of a team of professionals with years of professional experience. We provide you with proper installation that you will be completely satisfied with.

Regulations For Electrical Rewiring

Electrical faults can pose dangerous threats to you and your property which can lead to accidents or even death. This is why it is important that regulations set by governing bodies are strictly followed for all electrical rewiring processes.

NICEIC has a set of regulations that guide electrical wiring. The body also issues certification to electrical professionals and companies to guarantee that they are qualified to carry out electrical installations. London Electrix is NICEIC approved, so you are guaranteed of skilled and professional electrical rewiring services.

Contact us today for the rewiring of your domestic property, and we will be sure to put a smile on your face with our exceptional work ethics.

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electrician repairing EV Charger