Partial And Full Rewiring

Whether it’s a necessity for a renovated property or you need to change a few original fixtures in your home, a rewire project should be carried out with utmost precision. To achieve the desired result and peace of mind your household needs, hiring a professional electrical company is a necessity.

London Electrix is a team of highly-trained professionals equipped with the right tools and expertise to complete any rewiring work in less time. All rewire procedures are in line with basic electrical standards which gives you no reason to rewire for another 25 years.

When we carry out both household and commercial rewiring for businesses, we provide a transparent quotation without hidden charges. We offer free quotes which give you an insight into our fee before booking for an appointment.

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Full or Partial Rewiring?

There are no laid-down rules that dictate when a property needs partial or full rewiring. Just because you moved into a new apartment doesn’t mean the wiring system in the home is suddenly outdated. A property older than 10 years might have proper installation while one within 5 years might not. It goes down to certain factors which include the quality of materials used during the original wiring.

The general assumption is that if a property still has its original wiring after 25 years, an upgrade should be made. However, this doesn’t suggest that the original wiring has become useless. In some cases, partial rewiring is needed, but it’s difficult to arrive at this conclusion without first carrying out an inspection.

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Partial Rewiring

Partial rewiring just as the name suggest is where a part of your electrical installation is upgraded or changed. In most cases, it could be one of the trip switch, meter box or circuit breaker. For partial installation, the materials replaced will wear and tear over time due to environmental influence.

However, most partial rewiring is carried out by amateur handyman or individuals who know close to nothing about safe installation. The result is that you’re at risk of frequent shock, spark or fire. Hence, if you’re thinking of partial rewiring, you can book an appointment with us at London Electrix for proper assessment of your building, and we will recommend the kind of rewiring you should go for.

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Full Rewiring

Just like we said before, there’s no rule that said full rewiring must be done just because a property is old. The only condition that applies is if the property has been wearing its original electrical installation for more than 25 years. For full rewiring, all the electrical components will be completely upgraded. This procedure includes changing the socket, circuits, fuse board, trip switch and meter box.

A full rewire shouldn’t be outsourced to just anyone. Changing the entire wiring system in your home is a hectic task that only the most competent electrician can handle. There are certain standards that should be maintained to minimise wear and tear of materials in the nearest future.

At London Electrix, we will have to carry out an inspection on your property to determine if a full or partial rewire is required. Book an in-house appointment with us, and we will send one of our experts down to your property as fast as we can.

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How Rewiring Is Done

Rewiring a property is costly and time-consuming. Due to certain regulations or standards, you have no choice than to embark on it, especially in the case of wear and tear of electrical components.

Most rewire works are carried out in two phases. The first phase involves the installation of cables and heavy components, such as electrical boxes. The second phase is where light components such as switches and sockets are fitted.

Once the connection is done, it’s set to “live” and ready for use. Most full rewiring takes up to 6 days, but the property becomes functional once every component is fitted. We do not recommend flipping any switch or socket while the work is still in progress. It’s unsafe.

At London Electrix, we understand that rewiring is costly and messy. It’s a disruption for most business owners which is why we majorly request for this to be done during non-working hours. Having gathered vast experience in the field; we do our best to complete every project on time

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electrician repairing electrical box

Request For Free Quote

You don’t need to arrange an in-house appointment to get a quotation from us. You can get a free quote online, but the cost of every rewire depends on several factors. In most cases, we consider the size of the building and the number of components that has to be fitted.

However, there are additional expenses that might arise from plastering. In as much as full rewire costs a whole lot, you can settle for partial rewiring till you have enough to change all fixtures.

At London Electrix, we use only industry-standard equipment from trusted brands to deliver exceptional results. Call us today, and we will be happy to provide an excellent output that provides the peace of mind your household deserve.

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