Outdoor Lighting Installation

Lights bring diverse forms of brightness to our homes and surroundings, as well as a pop or splurge of colours and beauty. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they have immense benefits as well. If you have been searching for a suitable company to install external lights in your home, look no further than London Electrix.

Importance of Outdoor Lighting

The sole purpose of outdoor lighting is to increase the effectiveness of human activities at night time and to make these activities efficient, safe, secure, and comfortable.

As regards our homes, there are other reasons why outdoor lighting is essential. Some of which include:

  • Beauty – The right outdoor lighting creates a beautiful and pleasing surrounding influence on decks and patios.
  • Security – When the external parts of your home like entryways and garages, are bright and clear, it’s easier to spot unwanted intruders, potential burglars, and anomalies.
  • Safety – Keeping your pathways well-illuminated guides your steps, so that neither you nor your family or guests end up stumbling around in darkness as this can cause bodily harm.
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Types Of Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are using indoor or outdoor lighting, remember that lights vary in intensity, quantity and colours. There are a variety of lights available for external features. Some of which are:

  • Halogen Bulbs: These efficient bulbs have a longer lifespan, better efficiency, and consume less energy.
  • Incandescent Bulbs: They generally give out pleasing lights, but they have a short lifespan and consume lots of energy.
  • Solar lighting: These lights are great for consumers who are conscious about staying green, but the lights aren’t bright or long-lasting.
  • Fluorescents: Fluorescents are diverse in colours, long-lasting, and consume less energy.
  • LED Lights: Having existed in the light landscape for some years, these lights have grown to become a popular choice among consumers. They are more developed and available, much brighter, and able to endure changes in temperatures and weather. They are also a lot cheaper than halogen bulbs
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Decorative Lighting for Your Outdoor Space

External Lighting must be compatible with the lines of your home. They are also one of the first things guests notice when they come into your home, so use them to create good first impressions. There are several collections curated to enhance the architectural features of the outdoor parts of your home. To help achieve your desired ambience, here are a few available options:

  • Wall lights
  • Pathway lights
  • Pool lights
  • Pond lights
  • Ground lights
  • Decking lights
  • Fence lights

Whether you are interested in contemporary or traditional lighting pieces, London Electrix can install your desired option. Over time, we have successfully built a reputation for ourselves in London, and it’s surroundings. We have a solid client base, and we have never failed to deliver quality fittings and the best exterior lighting fixtures.

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Exterior Lighting For Security

Aside from adding beauty and dimension to your home, there is no doubt that lighting is a highly integral and crucial factor of efficient home security.

External security lighting discourages intruders, or burglars from targeting your home, as they would get the feeling of being exposed and watched, and increase the risk of being caught. A 2007 Washington Post article reported that burglars tend to go for homes that look unoccupied. Lighting brings an element of surprise and establishes an occupancy pattern that deters burglars or dangerous individuals. Well-lighted homes have lesser chances of being robbed or attacked.

Excellent lighting designs are usually characterised by an increase in the sense of safety, good facial recognition, physical detection and minimisation of hiding spots. In all things, moderation and purpose must be considered. Over-illumination can attract unwanted attention to your house and even cause light pollution. So it’s best to keep your exterior lighting minimal.

At London Electrix, we can help your exterior lighting achieve a threefold purpose. First, we make sure your exterior lighting is aesthetically pleasing to both homeowners and guests. Secondly, we ensure that the entire landscape and perimeter of the home can be navigated, and obstructions identified. Thirdly, we guarantee that your outdoor lighting will provide good security by discouraging trespassers.

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Outdoor Lighting For Non-Residential Properties

Lighting for commercial and industrial companies cannot be overemphasised. Businesses are more vulnerable to burglary attacks and break-ins than residential homes. The effects of vandalism, property destruction, loss of valuables and increase in insurance premium are negative experiences no one wants to encounter. Therefore you must always ensure that your industrial building has enough lighting for the sake of security of not just your goods, but your staff and clients as well.

The illuminating Engineering Society has explained that good security lighting anticipates dangerous threats and predators, and possesses an approach known as target hardening. In other words, the longer it takes to execute a break-in, the less likely the residential or commercial property would be broken into, thus discouraging and turning off burglars and safeguarding the property. Good security lighting also provides a clarifying area view, enhances your safety outdoors, allows facial recognition at a minimum distance of 30 feet, makes outdoor tasks like dog walking much more comfortable, and aids in perceiving threats or defence against threats.

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At London Electrix, we don’t just provide excellent external lighting services; we go the extra mile by calling your insurance company and negotiating a lower premium for you. We also provide the modernised version of security lights that contain motion sensors

We are certified electrical contractors, with a team of friendly, customer-oriented and highly experienced experts who have specialised in the electrical industry for years. Give us a call today to discuss the most suitable external lighting plan for your home or office. We aim to provide optimum lighting recommendations and solutions in and around London.

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