Fuse Box Installation

A fuse box is also known as a consumer unit, and it is a highly important and functional electrical element in the home. It is a safety feature that can either save a life or cause death. Fuseboxes are designed for electricity distribution, and they also offer protection to electrical circuits from surges in electrical currents.

Fuse box: A Crucial Home Component

The fusebox is the ultimate control centre of electricity in the home, and it sends sufficient amounts of power to all house circuits. It is the place to go in case you need to turn off your electricity, due to an emergency. They also protect the home or office from electrical fires or other electrical issues. Naturally, a fuse box should have a strong sense of all the electrical rights and wrongs.

A contemporary fuse box should also comprise of the following:

  • The main switch to turn off on all electrical supply
  • Fuses and circuit breakers to control individual circuits
  • A Residual Current Device (RCD), which is a safety mechanism that controls the electric flow in the circuits. Whenever the RCD detects a fault in wiring, it switches the circuits off, in order to prevent fires, accidents, or injuries. The importance of an RCD cannot be overemphasized. It is fast and activates in an instant, and its capacity transcends beyond any other safety function in a fuse box.

At London Electrix, we have discovered that most people are often reluctant to change a fuse box that is old and outdated when making upgrades or major renovations to their homes. Often, they could be in a rush to remodel the house and not incur additional costs and expenses. The walls would often have to be stripped for the purpose of rewiring, and this doesn’t really go down well with a lot of consumers. However, certain conditions usually determine if a fuse box needs to be replaced and upgraded.

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Replacing Your Fuse Box

Although there are no real regulations in London governing fuse box replacements, upgrading to a more modern consumer unit is compulsory if you want to guarantee the safety of your tenants, or family. A consumer unit that doesn’t contain an RCD would most definitely need replacing, and it is pertinent to seek out the services of a professional and qualified electrician. A professional electrician would explain why an RCD is essential.

As mentioned earlier, it is a potential lifesaver, with the ability to detect small leakage currents, disconnect easily, and prevent electrocution and injuries. RCDs, are not present in fuse boxes older than 25 years, or fuse boxes made sometime in the twentieth century. If your fusebox falls in either category, it would need to be replaced.

Additionally, suppose you have constant flickering lights, unresponsive circuits or circuits that trip frequently, or dimming lights when appliances are on. In that case, this is a sure sign that you need to change your fuse box because and that it is obviously deteriorating.

Also if your fuse box contains asbestos flash guards, then it would need replacing, because asbestos fibres are harmful to the body when breathed in. It is in your best interest to call on a professional electrician to check out your fuse box if you notice any of the above.

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Fuse Box Installation

At London Electrix, we can install a modern fuse box that would comply with the necessary BS7671 requirements. Our team of expert electricians would install an up-to-date consumer unit, and then conduct electrical testing to be sure that everything is safe. When they have conducted all tests, results would be entered into an Electrical Installation Certificate, which you would be given a copy. The certificate is proof of confirmation that our work abides by the requirements of BS7671.

London Electrix offers competitive and affordable pricing and expert electrical services delivered by professional electricians who have years of hands-on experience that have shaped their expertise.

We will ensure that your property’s electrical system is well protected against electrical surges. To make more enquiries about fuse box installation costs, or arrange a visit with one of our electricians, send us an email on info@londonelectrix.co.uk.

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