Electrical Fault Finding Service

The electrical components in our homes are deprived of the attention they deserve. They’re an ever-present feature in our day to day life. For instance, it’s impossible to go a day or two without switching the light bulb on or flipping a switch to supply power to important home appliances.

An electrical fault isn’t something that happens every day. In fact, they strike when you least expect, like on a very cold Monday morning when you need to put the water heater on.

However, most faults start as insignificant problems which lead to serious damages if they aren’t detected soon enough. If there’s a loosed plug or a damaged switch, you can rely on London Electrix to be your eagle eye in fishing out hidden electrical problems in your home and commercial property.

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How We Carry Out Diagnosis

Fault finding services involves a lot of diagnoses. This is why we will have to come down to your apartment and carry out a thorough assessment by using the right equipment, especially those in line with the industry’s standard. Our tools are fast in fishing out hidden faults, even those you haven’t noticed and are likely to become a problem if left untreated.

We start out from the switch depending on the original area the fault was detected. Our experts will leave no stone unturned in ensuring all faults are fixed, thereby leaving you with a stable mind to close your eyes at night.

After some assessment, there are cases where certain fixtures need to be changed while others repaired. For those that have to be changed, we try our best to get you the best deal by sourcing from trusted sellers.

This way, we ensure you get top-quality replacements that will serve you for a long time without needing any replacement.

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The Most Common Electrical Faults

Our experience in this industry has exposed us to several repair work and fault finding projects. We resolve all kind of electrical faults, but the most common faults arise from components we use frequently. This includes light switches, sockets, and cables.

In cases of faulty connections, the property might need to be rewired, but most damaged components will only have to be replaced.

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How Much Does Fault Finding Services Cost?

Fault finding services aren’t expensive except if you will need to change any fixture. Certain fault finding procedures might unmask some lapses you never thought were there, especially in the wiring of old properties At London Electrix, we provide affordable pricing options for all our services.

There are no extra charges incurred. Also, how much you will be charged depends on the number of faults detected. But there’s no fixed amount. The cost for diagnosing a switch might be different from that of a circuit. And if you want this diagnosis to apply to every component in your home, you will likely need to pay more.

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electrician repairing electrical box

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We assure you that London Electrix will provide a comprehensive fault finding service that would fish out hidden faults you never knew existed. Our professionals are skilled but will cooperate with you and render assistance in the best way they can. Fault finding services aren’t expensive. Better now than later. Our customer support is itching to receive your call.

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