Electric Heater Repair And Installation

All home appliances are important, and each has their area of use. However, there are some of these appliances that are especially beneficial during specific periods. A good example is the heater. They keep our house warm during the cold days of winter and protect us from cold and diseases associated with cold.

Central heating systems are a common thing in most houses here in the UK, but these days, technology has made it easier for the heating system to be controlled even from your phones. There is also the option of an electrical heater for those who would wish to have additional warmth in the comfort of their homes.

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Storage Heaters

There are various types of electrical heaters; however, one of the most common is the storage heater. They are called storage heaters because they charge up and store their heat during the late hours and then discharge the stored heat during the day when it is most needed. They maximise the lower cost of electricity at night and charge up fully, only to discharge it during the day. Storage heaters are made of several materials including concrete walls, clay bricks and ceramic materials.

You can have this installed in your home at any time. Simply reach out to us today. Our experts will discuss all the arrangements with you, including the cost, and have this installed in your home.

Advantages of the storage heater

The storage heater has the following benefits ;

  • It is easy to install
  • It uses cheaper electricity which is available during the night time
  • They have low running costs
  • They require little or no maintenance
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The only downside attached to this electric heater is that it is not recommended for people who have jobs or businesses that require them to stay away from the house during the day. As its stored energy is discharged during the day, the absence of such people will mean wasted energy.

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Alternatives to energy efficiency

An EU legislation known as Lot 20 was put in place on the 1st January 2018. This act was introduced to help the EU with carbon reduction by setting a minimum standard of efficiency for heaters. All suppliers of electric heaters and their manufacturers are compelled to abide by and follow this act. Manufacturers complied by incorporating new technologies into heaters and heating products in order to make them more efficient in conserving energy. A few of these features include

  • Temperature control using daily or weekly timer
  • Distance control function
  • Open window detection and
  • Presence detection

Several heating products have been affected by the Lot 20 act, and they include the following

  • Radiant heaters
  • Portable heaters
  • Underfloor heaters
  • Direct Acting heater
  • Storage heaters
  • Infrared heater

On the other hand, some heating products were not affected by the Lot 20 act, and they include the following

  • Outdoor specified heaters
  • Tubular heaters
  • Forest protection heaters
  • Slave heater
  • Local space heater
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Replacing Your Electric Heater

There are several reasons why you would like to have your electric heater replaced. They could be old and require an upgrade, or they could be damaged beyond repair. You can get in touch with us at London Electrix for your electric heater repairs and replacements.

Note that the Lot 20 act does not affect heaters that were already installed before 1st January 2018. However, this does not mean you should replace your heater because it does not comply with the Lot 20 legislation. You can choose to do so, but a better option would be to get an upgrade. This would reduce your energy charges, and at the same time, increase efficiency. Reach out to us today for that upgrade.

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