Electrical re-wiring

Rewiring a house is a task solely for a qualified electrician. If you want to rewire your home and you want it done correctly, you need to contact an accredited and fully qualified electrical contractor.

House rewiring is an essential need of an old house or building. Most people do not know that when their home is old, but in relatively good shape, they need to renovate and re-wire it to avoid various hazards. If you have decided that you need an electrical rewiring, you need to contact London Electrix for the job.

We have experienced electricians at London Electrix who can handle both minor and major electrical works. Our electricians provide quality services within a short time. Give us a call for your home re-wiring, and you would be happy you did.

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How to know if you need to rewire your house

The first step in getting your house rewired is knowing that the house needs rewiring before calling an electrical expert to check it out. You should not wait until your house starts showing you signs of electrical failure before you rewire it. If you do, you will be exposing yourself to electrocution and other electrical dangers.

These signs below should help you know when to contact London Electrix for your electrical rewiring.

The house age

Houses built in the 1980s but are still standing would definitely need rewiring, especially if no one has renovated the house recently. Homes built in this period have aluminium wires instead of copper wires. They also did not have earth cables which are common in modern houses.

Do not hesitate to contact us now for an electrical rewiring if you are living in a house built in the early 1980s that has not been recently renovated.

Aluminium wires

If your house has aluminium wires, you need an electrical rewiring as soon as possible because aluminium wires are more than 50% flammable and prone to fire outbreaks compared to copper wires.

A house wired with aluminium materials is hazardous, so contact London Electrix now to change the aluminium wires in your house.

Wooden back boxes

If you have wooden boxes behind your switches and other electrical accessories, it is an indication that the house is old and needs electrical rewiring. If you are not sure your house has wooden electrical back boxes, look around for plug sockets or fuse boxes that have wood behind them, but if you cannot check for it yourself, contact us now to assess your house and check if you need to rewire it.

Minor details

Look out for minor details that could tell you about the age of the house or when the house was last re-wired. You can find the date on installation on the customer unit or the fuse box. However, in some cases, the date may not give you an idea of how old the house is, but an idea of the installation date.

Old wiring

If your wires are old or frayed, it is an obvious sign that your house needs rewiring. Old cables are likely to cause short circuit or electrocution.

How to confirm you need electrical rewiring

These signs listed above should indicate you need an electrical rewiring, but before you carry out the rewiring, you need to be a 100% sure your house needs it. To carry out an electrical rewiring, you need to have regular electrical testing, electrical survey, and inspection. This inspection and checks should be done by an electrical expert to determine if the house needs rewiring.

At London Electrix, before we carry out any electrical rewiring, we will perform a complete rewiring survey of your house. During the rewiring process, we will perform an electric test on the entire house and an initial inspection of your property. We will also test the power circuits, consumer units, circuits, and sockets, and also ensure that they all meet the current electrical installation regulations (BS7671) 18TH Edition.

We will notify the building control organisation of the work we carried out on your building. The notification would contain the details of the work done, and we would give you an electrical installation certificate.

Contact us now for your home electrical survey and rewiring.

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Why you should choose London Electrix

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your electrical rewiring,

  • We offer quick and reliable services
  • Our electricians are experts and fully certified
  • We aim to please our customers, so we always prioritise their needs
  • We deliver excellent electrical services
  • Our rates are competitive
  • We offer expert electrical advice to ensure your home remains safe
  • We deliver top-rated and timely services.
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Our electrical rewiring procedure

Immediately you contact us for your house electrical rewiring, we will be at your property to evaluate it and check the amount of work the house needs. After the inspection, we would give you a full and precise quotation before we get to work.

Before we start rewiring your house, we will ensure that we have met all the legal requirements. During the rewiring process, we will carry out a full electrical test on all the wires power circuits, consumer units, circuits, and sockets.

We would ensure all these electrical accessories meet the building regulations, then provide you with a rewiring certificate and details of all the work we did.

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Consideration before an electrical rewiring

Rewiring a house is usually better when the house is empty. If you have any special needs like some extra sockets, you should let your electrician know before the rewiring. You should also let the electrician know if you want any changes in your electrical system before they start the rewiring process.

At London Electrix, we are always willing to work with our clients to provide services that the client will find satisfactory. We also carry out all our electrical rewiring with the highest quality of material, so be sure of an excellent house electrical rewiring when you contact us.

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