Socket Switch Installation

For centuries, electricity has played a preeminent role in our homes. Water heaters, refrigerators, electric kettles, toasters, microwave ovens, air-fryers, blow-dryers, and even our smartphones are all inventions that emanated from electricity and have come to be a part of our everyday lives. But none of the above gadgets would work without a socket.

The Necessity of A Socket Switch

Electrical engineers define a switch as an electrical component that can disconnect or connect the conducting path in an electrical circuit, interrupting the electric current or diverting it from one conductor to another. In other words, sockets and switches control and carry electrical currents to all devices and appliances in the home.

They are just as imperative and important as any other home fitting because they are needed for multiple functions. Any damage or electrical issue could cause danger to life and ineffectiveness in the home. This is why you need a certified and trained electrician to take on the task of rewiring and installation in the house so that you don’t leave your family to chance.

Socket Installation

Sockets and switches aren’t one and the same. Both are independent electrical entities that perform different functions. Sockets are electromechanical devices that permit all electrically powered devices, gadgets, and appliances in the home to be connected to the primary source of the power supply. The power flows in through the sockets, to allow plug-ins in our homes and for our appliances. A huge electrical responsibility rests on the sockets, which is why trained electricians can only handle them. Faulty or incorrectly installed sockets have the potential to do a lot of electric damage around the house and can even cause you injuries, or much harm.

London Electrix is a professional electrical service company that boasts of professionals with the capability to handle any electrical problem.

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Light Switch Installation

In the sphere of electrical wiring, a light switch is mostly used to operate electric lights, as well as permanently connected equipment or electrical outlets in the home or building. Light Switches are distinctive and versatile. Table lamps and portable lamps can have switches mounted on them, flashlights, vehicles, and smartphones have light switches embedded in them. Other kinds of switches include time-controlled switches, occupancy-sensing switches(indispensable for security lighting), and remotely controlled switches and dimmers.

Every home needs a light switch because of the visibility and aesthetic powers of lights. Being the linking devices between the primary source of power, and light bulbs, light switches have become an essential part of life. They are commonly installed on walls, but they can be installed anywhere that is accessible and also directly connected to the ultimate power source. A lot goes into light switch installations because it must be done properly, which is why it’s best to call up an electrician.

At London Electrix, we are a top go-to source for all electrical installations in homes and commercial buildings. Make sure you give us a call.

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How Many Sockets/SwitchesDo You Have?

Often, there is a need to install more sockets and switches in the home or office. It could be because the residents of a house or occupants of a particular office outnumber the sockets available. These cases aren’t exactly comfortable for all, especially if the occupants have gadgets or different personal appliances, which is usually mostly the case given the exponential use of technology in today’s world. You might find yourself waiting for a long time to charge your phone or choosing between your phone and your kettle or lamp.

The solution to this is to simply install double wall sockets that contain USB charging ports in your rooms. In the same vein, having less light switches in your home means having to deal with darkness, and the fear of tripping and stumbling over because you will be unable to identify and navigate through obstructions. Our team of expert electricians at London Electrix can quickly help you overcome these challenges.

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What More Can London Electrix Offer?

In one word? Plenty. Our company believes very much in dynamism and in the ethics of professionalism. We can offer complete and total electric renovations in your home or office. Our team can provide you with a wide range of socket choices which include but are not limited to:

  • Brass double sockets
  • Metal sockets
  • Chrome sockets
  • Metal clad sockets
  • White sockets
  • Black Nickel Sockets

You can also choose between these high-quality and high-functioning sockets:

  • Outdoor Sockets
  • Double-wall sockets.
  • Floor sockets
  • Single wall sockets
  • Shaver sockets
  • 5-gang wall sockets
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Why You Need London Electrix

The law demands that all electrical work should be handled and given to professional engineers so that nothing is left to chance. Electrical installations or rewiring aren’t the kinds of things that can accommodate DIY, because of their intricate and complex nature—getting an electrician in London has gotten easier in recent times. With London Electrix, you can be sure to have a suitable electrician to install switches and fix up sockets in your residence or office.

Our engineers are London based, and they are trained, certified, skilled, licensed, and incredibly knowledgeable in everything electrical. Their knowledge is vast, covering the length and breadth of the field of electrics and stemming from years of hands-on experience in the field.

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